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Giant spider ambush

After freeing the hobbit village of Reedhollow from the harsh and exploitative rule of Lord Brythnoth, the companions set out to cross the Blue River (River Lunnuin) to travel west towards their target: killing the Khan of Variags for their ally Prince Robert Prince Robert.

Before leaving, Prue Prudence Noaks the Dragonslayer was bestowed with the title of “Protector of Reedhollow” by the new Mayor, former resistance leader, Mr. Butterbottom. Many young hobbits look up to Prue the Dragonslayer now, and oaths of friendship were sent all around.

The former lord’s son and wife were sent packing to seek refuge from Prince Tancred Tancred the Wise, but Hazad the merciless sent an arrow through the Lady Lord’s chest, killing her as she, her son, and her handmaidens departed.

Upon crossing the river, a River Maiden appeared and as the companions covered their ears, the river began rushing southward, almost capsizing the boats. The companions stablized the boats but were washed roughly ashore in a spider’s den. An ancient behemoth of a spider and its broodspawn set upon the companions, but they drove it back with fire and swords.

The companions have now emerged from the spiderswood to find themselves on the outskirts of the town of Oakrest, a stop along the Kingsroad through this part of the Bleakwood.

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